The Greening of Destin

The Greening of Destin
Beautification Works for Everyone

By creating a pleasant environment in which to live, work, raise a family and retire, beautification improves the quality of life for all Destin citizens and vistors.

A Grass Roots Volunteer Effort

A volunteer organization, The Greening of Destin comprises various committees, each pursuing specific objectives. Special Project Committees are dedicated to unique community projects carrying out the Greening’s goals to achieve successful completion of beautification. The Special Events Committee orchestrates annual Greening events from formal, silent and live auction dinners, to golf tournaments and family fund raisers.

A Plan to Bring Destin Into Bloom

The Greening of Destin’s Executive Board has developed a master plan which focuses on improving the most visible areas in need of beautification and landscape enhancement. Acting as a facilitator in planning and fund raising, the Greening of Destin finalizes a project with a Commitment of Maintenance from the private or public domain. The Greening of Destin participates in supporting progressive community projects such as Destin Visions 2000, Destin City Hall, Destin Town Center and Destin Harbor. Following are just a few of the numerous projects under way.


The first tangible Greening project resulted in landscaping eleven medians covering over one mile of Highway 98. The money for this vast project was raised from a successful grass roots campaign adding state grant matching funds. Future median beautification along Destin’s main thoroughfare is ongoing with state and federal assistance. The Median project represents the Greening’s first Commitment of Maintenance from the City of Destin.


The “greening” of city entrance locations at the Destin Bridge and Destin’s eastern boundary provide a welcome sign to Destin residents and visitors alike. Other Destin gateways which will receive the Greening’s attention are the Destin Harbor and the Mid-Bay Bridge approach.


Another important gateway to the city is Destin’s modest little airport, one of the busiest non-commercial airports in the Southeast, with over 65,000 take-offs and landing annually. In a private/public partnership with Okaloosa County and the City of Destin, the Greening’s planning schedule includes beautification of the entrance area at the airport.


Tomorrow’s citizens learn the value of a beautiful environment as we provide a pleasant, safe place for Destin’s children to play. Greening projects beautify Destin’s elementary and middle schools help teach our student to take pride in their community. Other “greening” opportunities for landscape enhancements include city parks, playgrounds and a sports complex.


The Greening of Destin encourages the participation of neighborhood groups, homeowner associations, businesses, and individual property owners in beautification programs. Enhancement of the area at Emerald Coast Parkway and Scenic Highway 98 is such a project on Greening’s planning schedule.

Our Landscape Excellence Program recognizes individuals and organizations with beautification awards. While surveying the community for recipients, Greening also accept nominations from the citizens of Destin for these prestigious awards.

Dig In and Help

While our goals are unpretentious, achieving them requires community support. Whether ou are a resident, business member or a visitor, your contribution of time or treasures can help keep the natural wonder of Destin. You can donate funds toward specific projects, volunteer time to serve on one of our established committees or simply roll up your sleeves and plant some azaleas. To find out how you can make a difference, contact us for more information at 850-837-2711 or e-mail

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated to enhancing the beauty and preserving the unique qualities of Destin, The Greening of Destin adopts and identifies community projects for beautification with emphasis on landscaping. This provides opportunities for effective private and public partnerships between individuals, businesses and city officials.

The Greening of Destin
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