Scenic America

The Scenic America Mission Statement

“Scenic America preserves and enhances the visual character of America.”

We are the only national nonprofit that helps citizens safeguard the scenic qualities of America’s roadways, countryside and communities.

Scenic America believes all communities possess scenic assets.  Scenic conservation occurs with:
  • An educated citizenry
  • A corps of committed scenic activists
  • A business community that understands the economic value of beauty
  • Public policy that defends natural beauty and distinctive character
Scenic America

Fosters citizen engagement in scenic conservation issues by:
  • Assisting in the formation of state and city affiliate organizations
  • Providing technical assistance with an issues toolbox that includes:
    • Billboard and sign control
    • Scenic byways conservation
    • Tree ordinances
    • Wireless telecommunications towers
    • Context sensitive road design
    • Utility under-grounding
Preserves American landscapes, cityscapes and townscapes through demonstration projects that:
  • Enhance local economies
  • Boost citizen involvement
  • Apply insights of planners, landscape architects and other design professionals
  • Establish best practices in scenic conservation
Raises general public awareness about:
  • Benefits of scenic conservation
  • Threats to natural beauty and community character
  • Success stories and best practices
  • Promotes government policies that encourage local citizen engagement, protect scenic beauty and limit visual pollution.

A few of Scenic America’s accomplishments:

  • We helped establish state scenic byways programs in GA and OH.
  • We led a coalition to preserve and enhance the Journey Through Hallowed Ground in VA, MD and PA.
  • We helped remove over 1,000 illegal billboards In Baltimore, MD.
  • We helped stop new billboard construction in Los Angeles, CA and hundreds of other cities nationwide.
  • We have engaged business and civic leaders to protect scenic character along a 283-mile stretch Highway 99 through California’s San Joaquin Valley.”

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