Tallahassee’s Canopy Roads

Tallahassee is well known for her Canopy roads. Valued by citizens, and winding through the city, they offer peace and quiet compared to a typical city view of asphalt, cement, signs and visual clutter. Tallahassee has a long history of protecting trees going back to the 1843 fire which destroyed the downtown. When the fire was put out the citizens made two decisions: to rebuild the buildings using brick and to plant more trees.


This view is of St. Augustine Road looking west toward the Capitol.


Another view of St. Augustine Road looking east.


Tallahassee tree protection extends to downtown at the corner of Park and Monroe where a giant oak tree offers a respite in the middle of the city. On June 6, 1940 the Tallahassee Garden Club sponsored the First Live Oak Trail to publicize the need to protect Tallahassee’s oak trees.

Tallahassee has implemented an informational direction sign program that assists the traveler find their way without commercial intrusion along beautiful streets.

Some photographs on this page are copyright by Steve Vaughn and used here with permission.