Florida Department of State Corporate Records

A good source to locating information about a billboard company, developer, or other entity or person is to search the records of the Florida Department of State that are available through the Internet. You could search by name of the company or the name of a person. Copies of a corporation’s current and past annual report forms are also available by facsimile or computer download.

Go to the Florida Department of State webpage and click on the dot by the term Corporation/Trademark Name. Type “Florida Outdoor Advertising Association” in the open box, and then click on Select. You will then find information as to when the corporation was first incorporated and who serves on its Board of Directors.

If you want to locate other corporations on which that person serves as a director, just type in the person’s name in the open box, click on the dot by the term Officer/Registered Agent Name and then click on Select. A list will then appear from which you can search the person’s name for related corporations or other information that may be helpful to you.

Copies of annual reports can be faxed to you or downloaded. Just follow the easy directions.