Photo: Fox 13 Tampa

Photo: Fox 13 Tampa

“The city of Tampa will be adding hundreds of trees in two communities as part of the mayor’s mission to plant 30,000 new trees by 2030.

‘We were known, previously, as having one of the best tree canopies in the world,’ Mayor Jane Castor said. ‘Every five years, USF does a tree study in the city. This last tree study showed that we had lost approximately 8% of our canopy. And so, we are doing all that we can to replace that and replace it with trees that make a difference.’

Construction crews are already in the process of improving miles and miles of water transmission lines and wastewater pipelines in several communities as part of the Neighborhoods Design Build Project. Crews installing wastewater pipes are also planting trees.

Crews installing wastewater pipes are also planting trees.

On Friday, city leaders announced they are expanding this project to include a pilot program that will plant 200 trees across Macfarlane Park and Virginia Park.

‘We are marrying up, with our sustainability and resiliency department, our planting of trees,’ Castor said.

One of the reasons behind Tampa’s declining tree canopy is due to residential development, including the building of new homes and the expansion of existing ones. The goal is to plant 30,000 trees by 2030…”

— Ariel Plasencia, Fox 13 News

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