Photo: Credited as “provided” as seen on New York FOX TV

“…People can now post their own photos on a massive billboard in the heart of Times Square to be displayed throughout the day for $150…

The project, called, was launched by Miami-based lawyer Jaime Suarez and began with the idea of helping local brands advertise in Times Square at an affordable price. But the project took an ‘interesting turn’ when Suarez then had the idea of letting regular people post their own pictures, directly from their phones, according to a press release.

…Slots can be booked at, where people can pick a date, upload a photo, and pay $150. The photo will then appear on the billboard for 15 seconds once an hour for 24 hours on the date they selected.

‘We will send you your exact hourly time slot to the email you provided while booking at least one day prior to your display date,’ the website states…”

— Kelly Hayes, New York FOX TV

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