Photo: Splashboard Media as seen in FHN
“A billboard mounted on the back of a boat makes frequent appearances along local coastlines and at Crab Island in the summer.

But Splashboard Media’s 110-foot boat, complete with large, lighted billboard, was put to use last week to keep boaters away from a live-fire military exercise in the Gulf of Mexico.

The blue boat and its sign were visible to motorists crossing the Marler Bridge in Destin on Thursday. It was anchored near the base of the west jetty.

‘This is our third year of working with the Air Force or the Air Force contractors providing mission support,’ said Chris Kopecky, one of the company’s owners…

Their business does everything from notifying boaters of closures to sharing flag conditions with beachgoers and showing movies at Crab Island.

The sign is 20 by 30 feet and is mounted on the large blue boat operated by a Coast Guard-certified 100-ton captain.”

— Wendy Victora,
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