Photo: Atlanta in Town

“Midtown stakeholders mobilize against massive digital billboards”

“An effort to digitize two of Atlanta’s most prominent billboards has been met with a legal challenge.

In February, the City of Atlanta’s Office of Buildings issued permits that would allow Tazmedia Group, which owns the massive advertising signs on the side and top of a 1960s office building at 1655 Peachtree Street, to upgrade the billboards to digital changing-message signs.

The Trivision billboards, which adorn the same building as a recognizable metal peach, are marketed by the owner as the ‘world’s largest,’ passed by hundreds of thousands of commuters daily on Interstate 85.

But a few parties who could be impacted by the potential glow of the gigantic signage are calling foul…

‘They did not comply with the ordinance, they were illegally permitted, they exceed the allowed sign sizes by several multiples, and they are general-advertising signs masquerading as business-identification signs,’ say a summary of the BZA appeal…

The appellants now say that allowing the signs to be converted to LED light boards would be ‘further rewarding the sign owner’s illegal conduct.'”

— Collin Kelley, Atlanta in Town

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