“…The Truck Graveyard is a group of old classic automobiles hidden in the middle of Crawfordville highway.

Nestled in the virescent forest you will see a group of defunct and rusty classic cars neatly set aside to decay. The perfectly aligned cars give this site an eerie graveyard feel that is only seen in films. What is surprising is that not many know the history and background of this perfectly arranged art installation.

The graveyard sits on the side of the road on Highway 319 near Crawfordville, on the Big Bend Scenic Byway. According to Only In Your State, the rust-covered vehicles were arranged in order from oldest to newest by the owner, Pat Harvey.

In this secluded area rest about 30 classic vehicles dating from the early 1900s all the way to the mid-1970s…

Harvey’s family used these cars and its parts on the Harvey family farm. Once the automobiles had no use, they were moved to the woods and let to rest. The site has become popular among locals and photographers looking for a unique backdrop. The car display features Ford automobiles and even a classic DeSoto vehicle…”

— Jannely Espinal, Narcity

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